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Buying & Selling in Sheffield

Sheffield is a relatively cheap area to live with an overall average property price of £171,000. This year (2016) prices are up nine percent in comparison to 2010, when the average was £157,000. Most of the property sales are from terraced housing (averaging £136,000) and detached housing (averaging £294,000).


Brightside Sheffield

The majority of property sales in Brightside are terraced houses which sell for around £72,000. Comparatively, semi-detached properties average £121,000, while flats fetch significantly more at £148,000. House prices have risen 10 percent during the last year; however, they are currently down three percent on 2010.


fullwood sheffield

Fullwood is one of the most expensive districts of Sheffield and still retains much of its 17th century features, such as the Old Chapel and Fulwood Hall. Property prices average £340,000, with detached houses reaching £449,000 and flats £208,000. During the last year prices have increased by 10 percent on the previous year.


Heeley Sheffield

Heeley boarders with Arbourthorne, Greenshill and Graves Park. The overall average property price in the area is £133,000, with semi-detached houses fetching £151,000 and flats £90,000. Prices are up six percent on last year and have just exceeded the 2007 average of £132,000.


Penistone sheffield

Penistone is a market town that’s 14 miles from Sheffiled. The area is primarily made up of terraced properties, which sell for an average of £162,000. However, there are also a large density of detached houses which fetch significantly more (£272,000), making the overall average £190,000. Property prices are currently up eight percent on 2008 levels.


Stocksbridge Sheffleid

The majority of property sales in Stocksbridge are semi-detached houses that sell for around £120,000. This makes it a cheaper place to live than the nearby Deepcar (£139,000) and Penistone (£190,000). Property prices in Stockbridge are currently comparable to 2007 levels and up five percent on last year.


Broomhill Sheffield

The majority of property sales in Broohill are flats, averaging £137,000. While sparse, there are also semi-detached properties in the area, which hit the market at around £408,000. This makes Broomhill one of the more expensive parts of the city. Broomhill is an emerging area with house prices up 19 percent on last year and 15 percent on 2013.

Firth Park

Firth Park Sheffield

Firth Park is a relatively cheap area to live with terraced properties selling for an average of £57,000. As it’s located on the outskirts of the city. Properties tend to fetch a much lower price than the overall county average at only £68,000. House prices have been falling over the last decade and are down 28 percent on 2007, when the average was £94,000.


Barnsley sheffield

Barnsley is a popular residential area that’s a firm favourite among families and millennials. This is due to the large density of semi-detached properties which sell for the affordable rate of £110,000. There are also plenty of streets with terraced houses within the district that average £87,000. Property prices have plateaued since the recession and are down three percent on 2007.


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