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Buying & Selling in Brighton

Brighton is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in England. Along with its close proximately to London, seaside resort vibe, and stunning scenery, it’s renowned for its diverse communities.

The overall average property price in Brighton is £357,000, which is a 23% increase when compared to 2013 (£291,000). Most sales are flats, which fetch around £264,000. Terraced properties sell for around £438,000 and semi-detached houses for £369,000, which significantly bulks up the average.

Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina

When you think of Brighton, no doubt images of the colourful Marina pop into your head. This area of the city is extremely popular and has an average property value of £336,000. Flats sell for approximately £292,000, while terraced properties hit the market at around £361,000.

Kemp Town

kemp town brighton

Kemp Town is more expensive than the nearby Brighton Marina. Most of the property sales in the area throughout the last few years have been flats, priced at around £275,000. Though few in number, terraced houses sell for an average of £516,000 and semi-detached houses for £636,000.


preston brighton

Preston was mainly built during the Victorian era and still retains most of its original features. Property prices in Preston have been steeply rising over the past few years (up 20% on 2013). While flats can be found for as low as £254,000, detached houses usually hit the market in the region of £823,000. The overall average property price for the area if £388,000.


Woodingdean Brighton

Properties in Woodingdean have increased by 10% over the last year, rising from £281,000 to £314,000. Most of the property sales are detached houses selling for approximately £367,000. However, there are also plenty of terraced houses on the market, which fetch around £241,000.

Mile Oak

Mile Oak Brighton

Most of the properties in Mile Oak are semi-detached and sell for around £295,000. However, terraced developments are still very popular in the area and fetch up to £261,000. Detached properties sell for an average of £347,000. This makes this overall average £280,000 (up 24% on 2013).


Portslade Brighton

Property prices in Portslade have been slowly rising during the last four years, although not as much as the rest of Brighton. The current average stands at around £275,000, which is a 4% increase over the last year. Flats can be found for £192,000, making it a popular area among those looking to jump onto the property ladder. Semi-detached properties sell for around £298,000.


Ovingdean Brighton

The majority of property sales in Ovingdean are detached houses, which average £507,000. This makes the area one of the most expensive parts of the city. Semi-detached properties are also available for an average of £321,000, while flats fetch around £299,000. Property prices have jumped by roughly 10% since 2012.


Hove Brighton

Hove is located on the boarder of Brighton just 2.5 miles away, making it a favourite among those who want to be close to the city, but without the hustle and bustle that comes with it. Property prices in Hove have increased 22% since 2013, when the average was £317,000. Now the overall average is £386,000 with semi-detached properties fetching £505,000 and flats £297,000. The price range is similar to the nearby Preston Park.


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