Here is some more information explaining how our broker proposition works

Full online agency service

The Proposition



Offer a sales and lettings service to clients by becoming an Agent Online partner

Earn referral fees on every case – min £500 when we sell a property

Receive a flow of free mortgage leads as we refer potential buyers to you


For Mortgage Intermediaries


  • Summary of key benefits

    1. Offer your clients a professional, low cost estate agency service
    2. Generate an income stream from referral fees every time AOL lists a sale property
    3. Earn a regular income stream from properties under management (ie fully managed rental properties)
    4. Generate free mortgage leads by vetting every potential buyer wanting to view your clients’ properties
    5. Increase client satisfaction by offering them a one stop service…and stop them from building a relationship with local estate agents and their in-house mortgage brokers


• The offering works for ARs, DAs, mortgage clubs, networks, packagers, distributors

• Individual brokers can have the full sales and lettings package for just £19.95 pm


The full sales and lettings package provides you with

  1. a website
  2. client facing PDF leaflets
  3. an instant valuation lead gen tool
  4. branded window display material
  5. AOL business card template
  6. regular client newsletter they can send out (incl adverts and links to their AOL website)
  7. free mortgage leads (for every potential buyer that views their clients’ properties)
  8. referral fees for sales and letting listings


Low cost consumer pricing (Sales)

The AOL main website says pricing from £995

But the deal we recommend brokers promote is £395 upfront (an upfront fee to cover photos and marketing) PLUS £795 on completion (only if we sell)

With the 395 + 795 package, we will pay the broker a referral fee of £500 on completion, assuming the vendor uses our conveyancer, and £300 if they use a different solicitor


Flexible pricing to allow brokers to earn a higher referral fee

But we recognise that in some areas a selling fee of £1190 (395+795) is exceptionally cheap

So we allow brokers to set their own fee, based on local competition and any additional services they can provide

For example, a broker in an area of Bristol may identify that with average prices at £500k and agent fees at 1.2%, a typical vendor would pay £6000 on completion. So the broker would say to the client that he/she will sell their property via their Agent Online partnership and will add value by ensuring every viewer is carefully financially qualified before being allowed round. They are also available for any face to face discussions around progress of the sale, right up to completion. The client therefore gets the benefits of AOL combined with the benefits of the local agent – a true hybrid service. The price for this would be an upfront marketing fee of £395 and a completion fee of (say) £1995, saving the vendor an incredible £3610 compared to using a local agent.

The broker would receive on completion the usual £500 from the £795 part of the completion fee

In addition they have increased it by £1200 (from 795 to 1995) so they would also receive 75% of the increase ie 75% of 1200

So total broker fee on completion is £1400, assuming vendor uses our solicitor (£1200 if they use their own solicitor)

Low cost consumer pricing (lettings)

  1. Tenant find service £195 incl VAT
  2. Tenant referencing, sign up to AST and take deposit £200 incl VAT
  3. Full management of rental properties anywhere in England & Wales £69 pm per property
  4. As with sales, brokers can add a margin on to our fee to create an income stream for themselves
  5. So if a typical management fee is £100 pm pp, our brokers could charge the client £89 pm pp and take a £20 pm income stream
  6. Once they have 100 properties under management, they would be earning £2000 pm


Follow this link to sign up now

Or call our sales team on 03333 447 007 if you have any questions

Next Steps

The easy two step process involves signing a monthly direct debit form and an Intermediary Agreement

All this is done electronically, so there is no need to print anything. Just click on the following link:

Individual partner   £19.95 click here

Customer Reviews

Agent Online customers are leaving excellent feedback about the service they have received. We understand how important it is to look after your clients – after all your reputation is on the line as well as ours. So the team of negotiators will always work hard to offer the best possible service to buyers, sellers and tenants alike.

Happy customers

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