Manor Mortgages has partnered with one of the UK’s most innovative online agents

We are delighted to announce we have teamed up with Agent Online to bring you an amazing deal!

Firstly have a look at this video from one  of Agent Online’s investors, Sarah Willingham, explaining  the service they offer you clients:

How does a broker get involved?

Hopefully you will agree that the service outlined in the video looks excellent and would be beneficial to any of your clients looking to move house or sell an investment property.

The concept is simple:

  • tell your clients about Agent Online if they mention they are looking to sell a property anywhere in Great Britain
  • use Agent Online’s marketing campaigns to send regular communications to your client base and flush out any potential movers
  • receive £150 every time a client lists with Agent Online
  • every possible buyer for your client’s property will be passed to you to financially qualify – so on average you will speak to 10-20 buyers for every listing, many of whom will be seeking mortgage advice

Become a broker ‘Partner’ for Agent Online

You have two choices if you want to work with this team and offer online estate agency services to your clients:

broker package ed's

Introducer – this option is free, you receive a referral fee of £100 per listing and have access to some marketing support to help promote the service to clients. Ideal if you may only have one or two clients to refer every year.

Partner – this option usually costs £99 pm, but with the 60% discount available via Manor you only pay £39 per month! And in return you receive an enhanced referral fee of £150 per listing, free mortgage leads (circa 10 for every listing you send us), branded marketing material and loads more. Ideal if you want to embrace this new service and use it to:

  • generate an income stream
  • receive 20+ free mortgage leads per month
  • retain existing clients and stop them from placing their next mortgage with the local estate agent
  • look after your clients by ensuring they deal with a high quality / low cost estate agent when they want to sell a property

Why recommend Agent Online to your clients?

There are many benefits to you, the broker, when you recommend Agent Online’s service to your clients.

To find out more just enter your contact details at the top of this page or call  the broker team on 03333 447 007.